So you want to tryout for the team?

Founded by millennials, we believe in sustainable practices, balanced nutrition, supporting local, sourcing responsibly and making food affordable, accessible and simple.

Crafting every wrap, bowl, and smoothie. Cultivating a unique and invigorating atmosphere in the truck window. Building the brand and sharing our story. These are just a few of the things we do at Kinetic that we could use another set of hands on. And while we may be looking for new team members, we require a high standard of character and talent to make the cut.

So you want to tryout for the team?

Requirements for All Team Members

We are looking for people who are hard-working team players that can think on their feet and solve problems all while having a positive attitude and upholding our standards of excellence in both food and customer experience.  Some of the most critical traits include:

  • Quickly adapts to fast-paced, changing situations
  • Commits to the team mentality
  • Maintains an exceptional work ethic
  • Maintains a high level of personal integrity
  • Creates a positive experience for the customer and his/her fellow team members

Back-of-the-house / Cook:

Be the creator, the healthy concoction crafter!

  • You'll execute our recipes to the highest quality standards
  • You'll prepare the food and the truck for service in a timely manner
  • You’ll be our problem solver, creative in identifying and solving problems within our mobile kitchen

Words that describe you are:

  1. Fast-paced thinker
  2. Passionate
  3. Perfectionist
  4. Problem solver
  5. Resourceful

If you think that you fit the above description and you have a background working with food (likely in a professional kitchen or even as a cook), email our Team Captain at


Be the smile, the welcoming face that greets customers warmly and guides them along to their path of enlightened eating!

  • You'll effectively communicate our menu, it's nutrition, it's health benefits and it's deliciousness to the customer
  • You'll provide a wonderful customer experience for each and every customer, showing a kind smile and wishing them well
  • You'll adapt to the needs of your team by restocking nonfood items, preparing items for orders, and calling out orders once ready

Words that describe you are:

  1. People-person
  2. Flexible, adaptable
  3. Tech-savvy
  4. Sincere, authentic
  5. Trustworthy, responsible

If you think that you fit the above description and you have a background working in customer service, email our Team Captain at