What does 'Kinetic' mean exactly?

Kinetic is a scientific term describing moving energy, energy in motion.  We chose this word to represent us and the food we create because food is energy and our food is crafted to keep you in motion. Food is something more at Kinetic; it's fuel that propels you towards your healthy aspirations.

Where can I find your truck? Are you parked anywhere in particular?

Since we are a mobile kitchen, we roam the city of Columbus constantly.  You can always find us days, weeks and even months in advance via our Schedule tab or our StreetFoodFinder.com page. Or better yet, you can contact us and book us at your own location!

Do you cater?

Absolutely!  From birthdays and graduations to weddings and wellness programs, we can cater just about anything.  Submit an Event Request Form via our Catering tab or email us directly at events@kineticfoodtruck.com

Where can I find nutritional information?

You can find it right here, actually!  This is the nutritional info for our Signatures; more info to come -- stay tuned.

What happens if I have a food allergy?

Let us know before ordering if you have a food allergy and we will do everything in our power to make sure that you are healthy and safe. We will never intentionally give you a product that could be potentially harmful to your health.

Is your food gluten-free?

A lot of our menu items are indeed gluten-free.  And since our Signatures are made-to-order, you can easily opt out of ingredients that may include gluten while keeping the integrity of the dish (e.g. Omitting the teriyaki from the Stir Fire makes this bowl gluten-free and still super delicious)!

Is your food vegan or vegetarian?

Our Signatures can often be customized to be vegan or vegetarian.  We invite you to come to the truck and let us talk through the best way to make your unique dish specific to your dietary restrictions and tastes.