Founded in 2014, Kinetic began as the first food truck in Columbus dedicated to delicious healthier options. Kinetic focuses on providing unique yet approachable, chef-inspired flavor combinations, but also offers it in a made to order setting, where the guests are able to customize those dishes to fit their unique tastes and dietary needs.

Our goal is to fuel your lifestyle with delicious, nutritious, and approachable food, crafted fresh and served quickly by friendly and passionate people.

Kinetic has been able to find the balance between food that not only tastes good, but is good for you! The Kinetic Team is very familiar with nutrition and dietary restrictions, so if you’re gluten free, vegetarian, or vegan (for example), we have the perfect meal for you. We believe you should take care of your body and fuel it with great ingredients, which is why we ask, ‘What fuels you?’

Our Clients:

Over the past four years we have had the privilege of working with some awesome groups and athletes, including:

The Ohio State University Women's Ice Hockey Team

The Ohio State University Men's Volleyball Team

The Ohio State University Track and Field Team

The Ohio State University Synchronized Swimming Team

The Ohio State University Swimming and Diving Team

The Ohio State University Women's Gymnastics Team

The Ohio State University Men's Lacrosse Team

The Ohio State University Women's Basketball Team

The Ohio State University Women's Field Hockey Team

The Ohio State University Cross Country Team

Louisville Bats AAA Minor League Baseball Team

Spartan Race Athletes

Pelotonia Teams and Cyclists

Dublin Special Olympics Athletes

Countless Pro and Amateur Crossfit Athletes

Kickboxing Clubs and Gyms

Yogis and Fitness Studios

Amateur Hockey Tournaments

Golf Tournaments and Outings 

Pro NHL and NFL athletes

Youth Soccer Teams

Middle School Lacrosse Teams

Columbus Marathon

Columbus Running Company Events

New Albany Classic Invitational Grand Prix

Dublin Regattas

Countless Triathelons/Marathons/5k's


We believe…

…In sustainable practices

That means we care about how our food is raised, prepared, delivered and disposed.

…In balanced nutrition

We align our products and practices with the most current knowledge of health and nutrition so that you can be sure that you are fueling your body appropriately.  If you eat better, you’ll feel and perform better.

…In making it affordable, accessible & simple

We want the public to have healthy options! We think it’s silly that so many people have to pack lunches for work, cook at home or skip meals because they don’t have anywhere healthy to eat.  Eating healthy isn’t so widely established yet, even though it can be so easy and simple.  We want healthy eating to be the new norm. We aim to do that by making our food affordable, accessible and simple.  And we believe that if the public supports this movement, it will continue to force the well-established food vendors to change their ways of doing things.

Food Truck Spotlight: Kinetic

David Rowe presents In Association with R. Middendorf Media and Kinetic Food Truck "Foodtruck Spotlight" a short film by David Rowe and Andy O'Brien