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Kinetic cares

Kinetic Cares is the program we developed to showcase our commitment to continue our responsible operations, both in our sustainable practices and in the work we do with local organizations and philanthropies.

Education:  Besides often educating our customers of the benefits and importance of such ingredients as kale or quinoa, Kinetic has also taken the opportunity to teach the importance of healthy eating to those in our community.  Kinetic has taught classes through the City of Dublin:  Get Your Food Truck Rolling and Kinetic Kitchen.  The former is aimed to help people learn more about the food truck industry while the latter is aimed to teach people how to cook healthy food at home in a fun and engaging environment.  Email us ( if you're interested in either of these classes!

Sustainable practices From its inception, Kinetic has used packaging made from compostable materials and recycled content.  We care about our environment and the part we play.

Philanthropy:  Along with our primary partnership with Pelotonia, Kinetic has also worked with MidOhio Food Bank, Hockey Beats Down Cancer, Westerville Area Resource Ministry, Nationwide Children's Hospital and the Center for Family Safety and Healing, among countless others.


A big part of what we do philanthropically, Kinetic has a special relationship with Pelotonia (a philanthropy to raise funds to end cancer through research at The James) specifically in 2 unique ways:
Peloton Fundraising Kickbacks
Kinetic will donate 10% of profits from food sales during a private event back to the event’s Rider Profile or Peloton, and will match that donation for the Team Kinetic Riders.
Tips for Change
Kinetic will be donating all tips accrued between April 1 and ride weekend to Pelotonia and its cause. 
So give back to Pelotonia this year while also supporting a wonderful, local business!  Book Kinetic for your next event or come visit us at the truck and know that you’re not only eating healthy but also contributing to Pelotonia and helping to end cancer!

Look for #KineticCares when we have the opportunity to give back to our local community which has given us so much.  Please feel free to contact us with your ideas for how we can continue to give back as well.

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