Healthy Street Fuel

Kinetic:  A Gourmet Food Truck for the Health-Conscious

(614) 425-3883 / Catering


Healthy Street Fuel

Kinetic:  A Gourmet Food Truck for the Health-Conscious

(614) 425-3883 / Catering

Cold Nights, Warm Food

While it may be getting colder, our kitchen is still warm.  Contact us if you would like your holiday party, corporate get-together or other wintry event catered by Kinetic.  See the Catering page for more information.

Founded in 2013,  

Kinetic is a gourmet food truck that provides healthy food choices which match your modern values and active lifestyle.  


Our food is made from raw, natural ingredients and prepared by means of classic cooking techniques to elicit results that are truly delicious.


Due to our dedication to sustainability, we emphasize biodegradable products and earth-friendly practices.  


Our passion for nourishment and wellness can only be matched by our drive to make it simple, accessible and affordable.  


At Kinetic, it's not just food, it's fuel, and we aim to fuel you better!  Kinetic:  what fuels you


Built with Athletes in Mind

Because we ourselves are athletes, we know the importance of proper nourishment.  That's why we make each concoction balanced with all parts essential for fueling the body appropriately, thereby minimizing adverse affects and maximizing your potential.

Connected with Local Farmers

We do our utmost to source our foods and produce locally.  Whether it's visiting Ohio farmers directly or buying from trusted purveyors who source local, Kinetic strives to gather its ingredients from locations rooted in the central Ohio area.


Crafted with Nutrition at Heart

Using the most up-to-date research in personal nutrition as delivered through classes taken at The Ohio State University and by working with other nutritionists, we have designed our menu to utilize a variety of ingredients that help provide the nutrients that our bodies need.  In today’s age of fast food empires and junk food giants, most of us are not properly nourishing our bodies for their peak performances. We address this in three ways -- by the way we source the food, combine the food and cook the food, resulting in concoctions that are better for our bodies and better for our health. 

We aim to provide accessible and simple nutrition choices with a variety of flavors and ingredients so that you can easily eat better and fuel your body appropriately with the macro and micro-nutrients it needs each and every day.  When we begin to eat healthier, our bodies -- filled with billion of individual cells -- recognize the better ingredients because it can absorb them better and put them to better use.  The body begins to crave for more of the "good stuff," and it can get very upset when it doesn't continue to have it, resulting in various symptoms such as bloating, acne and weight-gain. Eek!

This is why we feel that our community NEEDS better, truly healthier options when it comes to food.  We truly believe that our menu offers great alternatives to the usual quick and easy kitchens out there. We can also assure you that all of our choices are designed with nutrition in mind while also using the best, often locally-source ingredients at hand.